The Ultimate Game of Dark Knowledge, Culture and Lifestyle.

The Game

Trivia Obscura™ is a game of knowledge with strong elements of strategy, dedicated into sharing dark knowledge to the world!
All issues revolve around “Dark Culture” and cover a wide range of topics such as music, movies, video games, comics, arts, science, history, mythology, lifestyle, celebrities and many more! Every theme presented is unique and specially selected in order to flirt with the dark and the macabre, but without being unpleasant. And most of all, it is designed in a way that can be played by anyone, while offering fascinating information to its players, not just useless namedropping!

The Houses

Trivia Obscura’s™ themes are divided into 8 different categories (Houses). In contrast to other trivia games, players can choose which House they want to play under, so they can take advantage of their favorite topics and dazzle their opponents.

Get Machiavelian with Carta Obscura!

Carta Obscura cards are a separate “power” card category that introduce the element of strategy. If used correctly, they can overturn the flow of the game to ones’ advantage!

Trivia Obscura™ will be released on Kickstarter in 2018, so you can get your own copy then!
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Get Involved

Trivia Obscura™ aims in being more than a board game: We want to become a collectable, timeless platform where creative people from all around the world can share and promote their projects and ideas with their audience.

Join our Socials

Join our social playgrounds! Our social networks are hosted by friends and supporters of Trivia Obscura™, and aim for everyone to get to know each other while exploring awesome projects, music, art, facts and everything in between from all around the world. Visit Obscura’s tumblr page or become a member of Obscura’s Facebook group and share freely any content you find interesting with Trivia Obscura’s™ community and friends, as long as it is dark and awesome!

Get your name in the Game

Are you interesting in being mentioned in a Trivia Obscura™ question card? Yes you can! Getting mentioned in a question is a great way to promote your art, brand or business in general, as long as it is aligned with Trivia Obscura’s™ favorite topics! So if you are a musician or a band member, a record company, an artist, an author, a director, a dark celebrity, a fashion designer, a brand owner etc, contact us and we will guide you and build a question with you that fits into the overall style of Trivia Obscura™!

Mastering Darkness Competitions

Mastering Darkness competitions are fun community contests that will bring you closer to friends from all around the world, while helping YOU promote your work and art! Let’s build our community together, and you may end up with amazing rewards! More info coming soon…!

Playtime 90 mins.

Can be played by 2-6 players

Ages 16+

By nadanull. Games of parallel reality

What’s inside the box

Standard Kickstarter Core version

1 d4 DIE